Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hey! I have a greenthumb!

I have not had luck growing plants, I have killed mint and bamboo in the past (the 2 most un-killable plants). After taking a Doane class from a professor who really inspires me, I decided to try it again and she did help me out!!! Thanks Joyce! :)
I bought some soil and some pots from Target ($1.29 each) and they add some awesome bright color to my porch and when I take it to work, my classroom!
This chocolate mint below is from Joyce's garden, it started out as 3 little leaves and a maple tree! Once I untangled the roots, this mint is happily growing!!
 This is also from a classmates garden and growing greatly!!! I have used these chives in so many meals! Especially for my healthy baked potato soup. I cut off as I need them.
 I bought this oregano on clearance from Bag N Save for $1!
 basil from a classmates garden, I brought this plant inside and then proceeded to knock it over which is why it is growing sideways. Poor basil!
 Parsley! Again, clearance at Bag N Save!
 This I think is cantelope. I was eating cantelope on day and just planted the seeds in this empty container. I could have sworn it was a cottonwood tree because so many of those seeds were flying around.....but then Carissa google imaged a cantelope plant and it was a match! Cantelope takes a lot of space since it is a vine-y plant, so I look forward to it taking over my porch with sweet sweet cantelope!!!
 Here is mint again, I had to buy some at Target to infuse water, and I planted some of it, and look! healthy as can be!!! Here's to forever infusing water!
 Purple basil, I got from Joyce (my Doane professor). I need to research how to use it in recipes. -- It sure makes for a pretty plant! :)

Now the next part is learning to pick, prune and dry the herbs so I can use them year round. I plan on taking some of the herbs to my classroom to add another element. It will also be a classroom job to teach some students to take care of these plants. The mint and chocolate mint can also be used as a calming device, picking a leaf and rubbing it between your fingers gives a wonderfully delightful smell! I am so happy I have a whole wall of windows to give me as a teacher this opportunity! 

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