Friday, May 30, 2014

Fun week with 3 crazy boys!

I had the opportunity to watch these crazy boys for a week! We had a lot of fun playing cards, eating snow cones, drawing, swimming, and going to Taste of Omaha!

 yes, the water SOAKED us, the wind hit us just right around the curve, we were the first tour that day to get wet!! I was not prepared for it!
 My little ducklings following me!

Sunday, May 18, 2014


Wicked is an amazing musical! This was my second time seeing it with my mom! I will see it each and every time it comes to town! :)

We tried it a different way and finally got it!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Grotto of the Redemption

On my way home from St Paul from visiting Reenie, I decided to take a detour through West Bend, Iowa.
The grotto contains the largest collection of precious stones and gems found anywhere in one location! Fr Paul Dobberstein gathered rocks and stones from around the world and began the grotto in 1912.
Each of the 9 grottos portrays a scene in the life of Christ.
This was absolutely beautiful and the pictures do not even show how amazing and inspiring it is!

Monday, May 12, 2014

MS 25 Mile Bike Ride

Reenie and I rode the MS 25. Around mile 9 I was ready to be done! :) We made it, even though we were last-- we crossed that finish line.

One of the cheerleaders!

We did it! And there was a beer waiting for us! We also could choose from some food trucks for lunch! A brat and sauerkraut sounded amazing and really hit the spot!

The next morning we had to stretch out our muscles and we sure were not going to go on another bike ride! So we went on a morning hike! We passed this park about mile 12 and remembered where it was because we could hear a waterfall and new we had to see it! We saw a bald eagle and her nest, and being one with nature is always so refreshing! :)